Juliette Mogenson

At 23, Juliette Mogenson embraces her authentic raw self and loves her imperfections. She has often said she loves being imperfect because humans are not mean to be great at everything and that’s why we need each other. Juliette is the coach for a young woman real world conference in Pueblo, Colorado where she provides mentorship for not only young girls but other coaches.  Juliette is so passionate about her service to her own I AM THAT GIRL chapter that she has regularly spearheaded fundraisers for girls to attend the summer conference in Los Angeles, even using her own funds to ensure all member could attend the trip. Juliette’s work in her community has illustrated how awesome it feels when you spread love and give people the space to be who they are, feel what they feel and never feel alone in that.  Juliette aspires to run for public office.